Online sales consulting and outsourcing

Your business can go online and you don’t need to learn all about it – just let professionals do it for you.  How can we help you to go online or increase efficiency of sales? Find out more.

Practical trainings

If you want to do everything by yourself, you should still learn the basics and tricks of online sales. We can share our priceless experience with you. How can we teach you to work better? Explore more.

Business consulting

If your business is facing transformations or productivity is not good enough, we can help you to improve your business processes. How can we help you to improve your business? Find out more.

Retail and wholesale trade

We are also a trading company by ourselves. If you are interested in selling high-quality household goods, please contact us at

Product content created by professionals

If you want professionally shot photos and videos of your products, we will organize a full-scale production in our high-class studio and at different interior settings. You will just send us your products and we will arrange everything. Our settings include contemporary loft-style as well as basic Scandinavian-style interiors and also state-of-art white-room studio. We use professional equipment and engage experienced models for the best result. Contact us at for more details and for examples of work.